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Whether you call it charcuterie, a farmer’s plate, or hors d'oeuvres (easier to say than spell), let your appetizers take center stage at your next gathering. This cherry wood board adds just the touch of rustic class you’re looking for. Display your cured meats, assorted cheeses, fruits, nuts, crackers, and jelly in a traditional charcuterie spread, or make the board your own with family favorites.


Walnut is the only dark wood native to North America, and the deepest hues come from the center of the tree. It is commonly used in knickknacks, carvings, gunstocks, cabinets, flooring, furniture, and wood veneers. Walnut can have some amazing grain patterns that add to the beauty of a finished piece. This charcuterie board is 17"L x 11"W x 1/2"H and has green resin.

Walnut Charcuterie Board with Green Epoxy River

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