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When Delamar developers purchased a former Holiday Inn property on West Grand Traverse Bay, they wanted to create a beautiful, high-end destination on the shores of West Bay in Traverse City, Michigan.  In the process a dying willow tree, which was planted by the original property owners, was taken down.  The developers wanted to incorporate wood from the tree into various parts of the new development.  The tree trunk and several large branches were delivered to our shop to be milled and kiln-dried. 


The trunk was a massive 60+” diameter, and some of the branches were approximately 36” in diameter.  Using our sawmill with a cutting capacity of up to 65” we were able to turn this willow tree into some very large slabs and disks.  Some of the pieces were turned into headboards for a number of rooms, and others will become mantels, tables, wall pieces, etc.


We were also tasked with creating a table for one of the investors who had a tie to the original property.  We created an end table from a piece of crotch wood from the willow tree, which was presented to the investor.

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