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Owned by Marty Lagina, Magnum Lignum is his passion of taking native Michigan trees and turning them into beautiful and unique furniture for your home. This helps the environment by lowering the carbon footprint of the atmosphere significantly. The average coffee table saves nearly fifty pounds of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere!

There are approximately 130 million households in the US. If they each only added 100 lbs. of the slab, stump, or disk furniture to their home, there would be 17.3 billion lbs of CO2 permanently sequestered. That amount is equivalent to removing one million cars off the roads in the US for one year. 

All of the wood that we use in our shop comes from trees that have been selectively harvested.  We apply what we call "The Three D's" approach to our harvest:  dead, dying and down.

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Tackling Projects Big and Small


Once the trees have been felled (or found already on the ground) our crew cuts them into workable lengths – typically 12-16’. 


The logs are then separated for use as slabs or disksWith a sawmill capacity of up to 66” wide, we can turn almost any log into lumber - and that is exactly what we do! 


Once the logs have been cut into slabs or disks, they are carefully book matched, stacked and stickered and placed in one of our barns to begin the drying process.  To be sure, we not only use the trunks of the trees for our lumber, but we use the branches to create live-edge shelves, charcuterie boards and other items. 


We currently have a small kiln, and are expanding our drying capacity with the addition of a couple of solar kilns.

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