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Magnum Lignum is your number one source for elegant and one-of-a-kind custom wood tables with a strong connection to the forest and an unrivaled dedication to sustainable wood harvesting practices. Whether you’d like to build your own table or have our designers assist you with the planning process, we deliver the exceptional quality and value you deserve.

Have you always wanted to accent your home or business with solid wood furniture that stands out from the rest? We’re here to help you make your goals a reality with breathtaking custom woodworking explicitly tailored to your desires.

Allow us to answer your questions and show you examples of our recent work during a risk-free consultation. Call our dedicated team at (231) 499-2003 to reserve an appointment.

Customized Solid-Wood Furniture

One thing you can always count on when it comes to luxury home and commercial décor is that customized, solid wood furniture will never go out of style. In addition to this, the integrity of the materials we use and our products' beauty, strength, and quality are unmatched by most of what is available commercially.

Our interactive design process puts you in the driver's seat, with our designers following your lead and then working closely with you until we've aligned you with the perfect:

  • Wood species, color, and grain patterns

  • Table base selection

  • Tabletop selection

  • Customized size and shape

  • Customized finishes

When you want a table that is uniquely designed to complement any room in your home or business, partnering with our experts is the perfect way to ensure the success of your investment. Reach out to us to set up an appointment, with no obligation to purchase on your behalf.

Custom Dining Tables: Design Your Own or Let Our Team Assist  

A dining room can be so much more than just a space where you, your guests, and your family share meals and time together. If you’d like to welcome natural elements like solid wood into this room in your home or business, our custom dining tables are a top-tier selection that never disappoints.


Tackling Projects Big and Small


Our Handmade Dining-Room Table Design Process

Allow us to briefly break down the steps we follow to ensure you're getting the best handmade dining-room table design.

The first step is choosing the type of wood most suited to your taste. All of the soft and hardwood we work with has been reclaimed from our local forests. These species include:

  • White and northern red oak

  • Beech

  • White pine

  • Jackpine

  • Red maple

  • Sugar maple

  • Eastern hemlock

  • Birch

  • Eastern cottonwood

Next, we’ll present you with a wide range of base options. If there is no suitable choice in our inventory, we’ll work with you to create something original. Some of our most frequently requested table base options include:

  • Square tapered table base

  • Curved legs

  • Pedestal table bases

  • Fluted legs

  • Trumpet legs

  • Cabriole legs

  • Spiral Legs

  • Trestles

  • Turned legs

  • And many more

After this, the size and shape of the table come into play. Typically, we’d like to know the dimensions in which you’d like us to build, but we also want to learn more about the dimensions of the space where the table will be installed. This way, we can ensure we’re creating a piece that fits perfectly into your life.

The final step is to choose a finish that speaks to your personality, sense of style, and the rest of your dining room décor. Sit down with us to discuss luxurious options without feeling any sales pressure.

Book a risk-free consultation to begin designing the luxury dining table of your dreams today.


Wood Live Edge Tables

Increasingly popular because of their stark beauty and ability to make us feel like we are closer to nature, wood live-edge tables are the luxury item that makes an ideal focal point for any room in your home. These table choices come in a virtually endless selection of size and style options. For this reason, we recommend discussing your ideas with our seasoned woodworkers. Once we are on the same page, we can create a masterpiece that’s been missing from your home or business.

Browse our gallery to see examples of our past work, or get in touch to make an appointment to consult with our team.

Custom-Wood Coffee Tables Bring the Whole Room Together

From large living rooms to more compact living quarters, our custom-wood coffee tables are the ideal selection for anyone looking to add depth, interest, and unrivaled beauty to their home or office environment. The depth of our experience covers a wide range of styles that include ultra-modern, classic, and contemporary styles, as well as a mix of mediums that define your personal style precisely.

We go the extra mile to ensure we understand the assignment and execute flawlessly to your exact wishes, budget, and timeline. Don’t hesitate to reach us for the answers to any questions you may have.

Handcrafted Wood End-Tables

If you love handcrafted wood end-tables as much as we do, you’ve come to the right place. Our attention to detail and dedication to producing exceptional quality are just two of the things that make us stand out from the rest. Book an appointment to discuss your vision with a specialist backed by many years of experience.

5 Reasons to Choose Us for Your Next Custom-Wood Table

Environmental concern is top of mind for many people choosing to opt for more sustainably sourced wooden furniture, but it’s not the only reason to work with a local woodworker. Here are 5 good reasons to choose our experienced craftspeople to make your next custom wood table:

  1. The quality of our work is guaranteed

  2. We work closely with you to perfect your design so it matches your space precisely

  3. We offer comprehensive estimates that are transparent and free of hidden fees

  4. We respect your deadlines

  5. We are friendly professionals with over 60 years of combined woodworking experience

Call for the Best Advice on Handcrafted Wood Tables

Magnum Lignum is our region’s top source for handcrafted wood tables, dining room sets, coffee tables, side tables, and so much more. We’re proud to use only reclaimed wood that has been sustainably selected from the forest, ensuring future generations can enjoy the beauty of a healthy forest as much as we do.

Reach us today to explore luxurious options you are sure to love. Dial (231) 499-2003 to book a consultation. 

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