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Using our very large inventory of sustainably harvested Northern Michigan hardwoods and soft woods Magnum Lignum can create any type of bench for indoor or outdoor use.


Nestled along the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline of Leelanau County, Glen Arbor is home to Cherry Republic.  Cherry Republic is a must see for those visiting the area, where you can find gifts and goodies of all kinds, including all things cherry!


Magnum Lignum is your number one source for elegant and one-of-a-kind custom wood tables with a strong connection to the forest and an unrivaled dedication to sustainable wood harvesting practices. 


Mangum Lignum provides residents and businesses in our community with one of a kind, custom woodwork that is meticulously crafted to the highest standards. In addition to unique designs and a strong commitment to the highest quality, we are also dedicated to sustainable wood harvesting practices.


When Delamar developers purchased a former Holiday Inn property on West Grand Traverse Bay, they wanted to create a beautiful, high-end destination on the shores of West Bay in Traverse City, Michigan.  In the process a dying willow tree, which was planted by the original property owners, was taken down. 


The Derlatka family was looking for a special piece to showcase their new home and came to Magnum Lignum for help.  As we walked through our wood barn, the found a large piece of black walnut root which became the perfect coffee table in their new living room. 


Desks do not have to be simply utilitarian.  Why not sit at something beautiful during your work day?  We have completed several desks for our customers, and would love to work with you to design your special workplace!  


Fireplace mantels provide a beautiful focal point in your living space.  We can create mantels to your specification using Northern Michigan hardwoods, as well as our supply of barn timbers.


When the Dominican Sisters of Saint Cecilia of Nashville, Tennessee sent four sisters to teach in the Grand Traverse Catholic Schools system, Magnum Lignum was asked to create a number of pieces for the convent chapel.  The convent is named Our Lady of the Lake Convent. 


Mari Vineyards founder Marty Lagina made the (some would say) crazy choice to grow grapes that shouldn't grow in Michigan, with the belief that he could produce world class wines that otherwise couldn't be made here. So, true to his Italian heritage, he planted exotic varieties like Nebbiolo, Sangiovese and others.


After working with Magnum Lignum as the project manager for the Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools projects, Eric Mulvany commissioned Magnum Lignum to create three tables for his home.  Two tables were spectacular book matched maple burl end tables, and the third table was crafted from a highly figured, uniquely shaped beech disk. 


One of the more interesting things about working for Marty is the occasional project that he drops off.  An early example of this started on the day that he brought a chunk of a walnut tree root into the shop.  The piece measured about 16” on each side.  His question was “Do you think that you can make this pieces balance on one corner, and spin like a globe?” 

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