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At Magnum Lignum, we believe in creating art that serves a purpose. We handcraft custom wood tables for clients near and far using reclaimed and selectively harvested woods that meet our eco-conscious standards.


Located in Northern Michigan, we are here to serve you. Call our offices at (231) 499-2003 today to learn more about our tables and harvesting process. We cannot wait to serve you.

Hardwood Tables Made with Care

There aren’t many people who would pass up on owning a beautiful, handcrafted live-edge coffee table if given a chance. That said, some want to know that the table was crafted in an environmentally conscious way. We are the ones to work with for those who want eco-friendly custom wood coffee tables and dining room tables.

Hardwood and Softwood Tables

While we often salvage beautiful wood from nearby forests, ash is not the only hardwood we rely on to craft our tables. We also use beech, pine, and numerous other hardwood and softwoods. For some custom projects, we have even incorporated beautiful slabs of maple into the manufacturing process.  

Quiet Forest

The 3D Approach to Tables

Clients come to us because they know we share their convictions. We want to produce beautiful tables from elegant wood, but we don’t want to fell more trees than necessary. That is why we take the “3D” approach to our trade.


The three D’s of our tree harvesting process are:

  • Dead

  • Dying

  • Down


These terms refer to the types of trees we seek out during the harvesting process. We comb through our region's forests to find suitable dead, dying, or felled ash and beech trees. Rest assured, the trees that we select are more than suitable for our pursuits—what’s more, their use does not result in the release of carbon into the atmosphere.


Would you like to learn more about our practices? Call us at your convenience. We are always eager to speak to a potential client about our approach to table making.

Beech and Ash Tables of all Varieties  

Are you looking for a table that will suit your long dining room, or do you want a table small enough to suit your family’s cozy cottage? When you make a custom order through us, the choice is always yours. We construct tables to your exact specifications.


In the past, we have made tables of all varieties. Past projects include:

  • River tables

  • Live-edge tables

  • Charcuterie boards

  • Dining room tables

  • Desks

  • And more

Claim Your Wood Table Today

For those who want gorgeous live-edge tables that suit their day-to-day lives—and interior décor—there is only one shop to trust, and that is ours. Over the years, we have crafted countless tables from beautiful ash and beech trees.


As the years go by, we are confident we will continue to extend our services to those with simplistic yet refined tastes. Let us extend our services to you. Call (231) 499-2003 today.

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