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Ideas for Custom Woodworking: Top 5 Pieces of Furniture

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home, adding a new custom wooden piece of furniture is one of the best ways to do it. You can have an expert carpenter work alongside you to build you a beautiful piece that will showcase the personality of your home and will be loved by you and your family for years.

But it’s not always easy coming up with inspiration. Many people idealize the notion of adding custom woodworking to their homes, but don’t know where to begin. Coming up with ideas can be the most difficult part.

At Magnum Lignum, we want to help you decide. There’s nothing we love more than getting creative with woodworking projects. Here are the top 5 furniture items we can make to help you accentuate your home:

1. Cabinetry

Cabinets are one of the most important parts of your kitchen, and if you want to have them absolutely perfect, having them customized by professional woodworkers is the way to go. With your input, we can design cabinets that suit your stylistic tastes, matching the look of your home while adding some more flair.

Cabinets should also be designed and personalized to optimize the storage space of your kitchen. Kitchens come in different shapes and sizes, and cabinets can always be modified to accommodate your specifications better.

Improve the look and storage space of your kitchen with professionally designed and constructed custom cabinets.

2. Tables

One of the furniture pieces we are most frequently asked to design and build is a table. These can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, serving various purposes all over the home.

There are so many design options when it comes to tables. If you’re looking for a new dining room table, we can give you a classic or modern look, using various woods to create different stylistic effects. Similarly, living rooms are never complete without a beautiful coffee table, and there is no better way to make sure you have the right table than by having one specifically designed for you. We can customize your table anyway to fit your space perfectly.

Of course, there are many other uses for tables, whether it’s in the kitchen, alongside couches, as a nightstand, or anywhere else. Don’t underestimate the effect a personally designed and built table will have on your home.

3. Desks

Desks are an important feature of a home, especially as the world transitions to a work-from-home model. You need a home office or workspace that suits your working style and needs, and you’ll never get that by visiting a big-box furniture store.

To make sure you are your best self in a work-from-home environment, you need to have a desk that’s customized to suit you.

Desks can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and a woodworker can design one to fit your space. Whether you need a typical sitting desk with shelves and drawers for your files and organization, or an adjustable standing desk for your ergonomic comfort, we are able to work with you to construct it.

As professional carpenters, we also know the best types of wood to achieve different stylistic and functional benefits. You may want wood with a lighter weight for an adjustable desk, while solid wood is better for a standard sitting one that supports shelving units above. Never settle for a desk that doesn’t match what you’re looking for; provide your input for a customized desk that does everything you want.

4. Chairs

Like tables, chairs are one of the most versatile and important furniture items for your home. They can be found everywhere in a home, from the kitchen to the dining room to the living room. A good woodworker will be able to craft chair sets that suit your home and set you apart from anyone else.

Different styles suit different spaces, and we have the experience to recommend you the solution that’s right for you. Do you need an ornate matching set for the kitchen? We can do that. Would you like a comfortable but fashionable rocking chair for the living room? We can achieve this too.

Working with a professional woodworker gives you so many options for seating in your home, with chairs that last a lifetime and never go out of style. If you’re looking for a way to implement a rustic wood feel to your home, new chairs may be the answer.

5. Beds

Not many people think of beds when they consider custom woodworking for their home. But with our team of carpenters, it is possible.

Your bedroom is the room you start and end your day, which means you should always look to have it be one of the most elegant rooms in the house. This goal can be achieved easily with a custom bed frame made with your style and comfort in mind. We’ll help design a bed of any size, with special head and footboards that showcase your style.

But the bed doesn’t have to be for you. If you have children, especially ones that share a room, we have the solution to help them enjoy their room more: bunk beds. Personally designed bunk beds can save on space and free up room for playing and other activities. We’ll be able to design them so that they are stylish, structurally sound, and stable so your children can enjoy a good night’s sleep.


Custom woodworking can be found all over the house. With a professional carpenter, you’ll be able to maximize your enjoyment at home, whether you need pieces for working, relaxation, or hosting friends and family.

Magnum Lignum is the premier custom woodworker around, with years of experience, vast resources of wood, and the best carpenters. If you have been inspired to add a new piece of wood furniture to your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts today!

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